Schets van ons lijden

(illustratie door Odd Nansen uit From day to day)

Odd Nansen: From Day to Day; One Man’s Diary of Survival in Nazi Concentration Camps.
Nashville 2016 [The bookdepository]

Een van de vele online besprekingen:

‘If you think you understand the horror of the holocaust, you must read this book. It is a diary written inside the camps The author was held for almost five years in a series of German concentration camps. Although as a Norwegian he was spared the worst of the atrocities, he was up close with all of it. In an almost miraculous way he was able to keep his daily diary and successfully smuggle it out. This book collects his writings just as they were written. As you read it you watch the increasing horror and brutality of the camps; watch his moods rise and fall; and witness his vain hopes for an early end to the war or for his early release. Nanson is an incredible writer and artist. The book has both text and illustrations. It is very readable and the occasional drawing (done in real time) extraordinary. The book has hundreds of notes explaining who his prison mates were, what happened to them, and what was going on in the war at the time he was writing. This is an unusual and timeless book.’