Dzongsar rinpoche’s laatste nieuwjaar

So Tibetan ‘Losar’ or Tibetan New Year — I guess this is the last new year.
Having all these Bhutanese New Year, international new year, Chinese New Year, and then I guess this is it! This is the last new year.

It has been a difficult year for a lot of people — all kinds of things. Especially recently there has been lot of calamities everywhere. So I’d like to wish everyone Happy Losar, with myself — reminding myself and others this is the time that we need to think about the teachings of the Buddha, especially ‘anitya’, impermanence.

And when I say impermanence, I’m not talking about that is going to be doomed and it’s going to get worse because that’s missing the point.
Anicca or the impermanence or the uncertainty that Buddha taught as one of his most fundamental teaching is to know that everything is changing.
Therefore, there’s all the reasons to be strong to — of course to prepare for the worst, but also always hope and plan for the best, for oneself and for others.

And I believe in prayers. Although some of you may think that as a follower of the Buddha, the one who taught the selflessness, the anatta, everything as an illusion, you may think that ‘I don’t believe in prayers,’ but that’s really again misinterpreting the core of the teachings of the Buddha.

Because everything is illusion, the greatest sort of character if you like, what makes Buddhism so special is while we know that everything doesn’t have a truly existing nature, that everything is an illusion, everything is dependent arising, and because of that everything is functionable.
Cause and condition works.

All the relative world functions and fits and makes sense. So having confidence on that, I believe in prayer. Buddha said everything, every phenomenon is driven by cause and condition. And of all the cause and condition, mind, consciousness, is the most powerful cause and condition.

Therefore, this mind wishing to be happy, prosperous, wishing to be healthy, especially when if you are wishing this not only to yourself, but to the rest of the world, and not only the rest of the human beings, but to every being, then that wish is the most supreme wish.

So today I’m going to take this path of wishing you all well and that we will overcome all kinds of ailment and calamities and disasters of the outer, inner, and secret.